Updates breaking apps

There seems to be updates being rolled out that is effecting front end of the app and buttons/modals are heavily effected. There are also component fields and buttons in the editor that appear to not be working.

We do our best to ensure that our roll out add feature and don't break existing functionality. If you're running into any bugs, we'd love to hear about them and get them resolved.

If you're on cloud, we have new releases twice a week. However, if you'd like to control your version, you can self-host.

Please let me know if there's any issues I can report!

Please forward to a tech support professional.

Hi @Stanley_Stancavage,

We have a team of technical support engineers monitoring the forum, myself included. If you want to DM us an export of your app we can try to look at the issues flagged in your email to support.

Hi Abbey,
I can not export anything either. The ReTool team is not grasping the magnitude of the problem. You can find the apps here. https://theguideapp.retool.com/
Other than that, I am investing my time in finding a competitor. I am now investing my time in looking into Superblocks.

Thanks Stan

For security reasons, we cannot login to your account. However, we do want to research any problems that you're running into. We haven't been able to reproduce any major bugs with buttons or modals. We'll keep looking into it.

I understand you said you're having trouble exporting your app. You can do this from your App dashboard. Click on the three dots to the right of your app name and select Export to JSON. If you're running into errors would you mind sending me a screen recording?