Update string variables in postgres

I am trying to update a postgres table from a ReTool table but it is not working because ReTool's string value has double-quotes around it instead of single quotes which are required for postgres. Please see below.
Is there a way to replace the double-quotes for single quotes? or any other thoughts?

The following query works
update table1
set string_var = 'Y'
where id = {{table1.selectedRow.id}}

But the following query does NOT work because {{table1.selectedRow.string_var}} = "Y"
update table1
set string_var = {{table1.selectedRow.string_var}}
where id = {{table1.selectedRow.id}}

Hi and welcome to the community! What does table1.selectedRow.string_var look like in the table? If you are passing a string you don't need to pass any quotes with it. For example, this worked for me (I got the strings from a JSON Explorer object, not a table, but it's still a string):

post update:

Hello, Please see attached. Also, in the postgres table software is 'N' or 'B'.

What does the error message show? Is there a reason why you aren't just using {{rt_alphabet_employee.selectedRow.ID}} as the WHERE condition