Update Queries not working in SQL Mode

Hi Retool,

I am not able to run Update query for my mobile app using SQL more for MS SQL Server.

update tbl_boxes_outstanding
set outstanding_big = outstanding_big - {{BigBoxes_N.value}}, outstanding_small = outstanding_small - {{SmallBoxes_N.value}}
where Name LIKE '{{UsersSelect.value}}'

I tried to use GUI Mode but it does not allow filtering on strings(using MS SQL server in the backend)

It gives no error but also does not update the DB records.

can you please help

Do you get returned rows when you query with

select * from tbl_boxes_outstanding where Name LIKE '{{userSelect.value}}'?

Yes, Please see the below

Are you running this query as a preview when it returns no rows or are you triggering the query from an App component?

When you hardcode values for the update query does it make any changes?

It seems like what you have should work.

A bit unusual Behaviour. The same setup started working when I logged on other day. :slight_smile:

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