Update one table tag based on another table tag

I'm developing a support ticket system and when creating a ticket I have some code that will automatically change the status of the new ticket from "New" to "Assigned" if the 'Assigned To' field is changed to a value other than null. If it's reset back to null the ticket status is changed back to "New". This all works correctly in the add form.

I also have a table which allows for inline edits of this data. What I'm trying to accomplish is that when assigned_to in the table is edited inline and changed from null to an assigned value it also edits the status field and shows it as assigned. I don't want to push a change directly to the data as I want the user to be able to override that edit and change the status to something else if they choose.

I've played around a bunch with the changesetArray variable and can detect when assigned_to is changed but I can't figure out how to translate that into an edit of a different field on the same row.

I feel like the status updates will need to be a modal interaction/row action rather than an in-line edit feature since I do not believe you are allowed to directly make changes to cells in the way which you describe.

Separating the action out this way allows your table data to be read from a transformer rather than direct from your DB/backend query. Since it isn't a table change event at that point, you'd want a way to keep track of all the changes (mark the row indexes in a variable to refer back to later?) made within a single session and the write the changes back to the DB once the user was finished making updates based on the table data.

Hi @philone, here is a Support Ticketing System Template that can help with your use case.