Update Data in Table


I'm trying to get a small app to work.
However, I've been struggling with the following problem for a few hours:
I have an editable table linked to the retool database.
It is now possible to add a new row, but not to edit a row and then save it in the database.

In my "BulkUpdateQuery" I get the following error:

update "Reifen" set "name" = $1, "size" = $2, "anzahl" = $3, "art" = $4, "hersteller" = $5, "lieferant" = $6, "termin" = $7, "rad_da" = $8, "reifen_da" = $9, "montiert" = $10 where "id" = $11 - record "new" has no field "updated_at"

And when I want to change something in the database itself I get the following error:

Failed to save value (t)

Record "new" has no field "updated_at"

I don't know what to do.
I hope somebody can help me.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Kevin_Hitzler!

It seems like the table might be in a bad state. Can you try running the following query on the retool_db resource in your Query Library to replace the updated_at column?

ALTER TABLE "Reifen" ADD COLUMN updated_at timestamptz default now()

Let me know if you're then able to make updates to the table :thinking: