Unexpected behaviour of default values in input

I have a input with a default value coming from a transformer

  • Initially -> [transformer = 10, input = 10]
  • I change the value of input to 20 manually, so now [transformer = 100, input = 20]
  • I then change some other data on page (but not the input), which causes the value of transform to change to 100.
    What i expect -> [transformer = 100, input = 20]
    What is happening -> [transformer = 100, input = 100]

That is, whenever the transformer value changes, the input box resets itself overriding the manually set value. This doesn't seem like the desired behavior to me.

Hello, can you share a screenshot of your input component (with the default value) and your transformer code

Hi @Rahul_Badenkal This is the expected behavior when using transformers :disappointed: Changing the value of the transformer will cause the component that is dependent on the transformer to re-evaluate

Rather than using a transformer, you could remove the default value of your input and have a JS query that sets the value of the component.

By using a JS query, you can control when the component gets reset to the transformer value. You could have this JS query run on page load (with a slight delay to ensure the transformer has evaluated):