Unable to write Enum options via Select in a Form

I have an Enum column which I'd like to use to populate choices for the Select component but when I generate a form, it suggests Text Entry for them.

When I change the component to Select, the system tries to write back the Array values as strings (doesnt work).

Is there a simple way to go from Enum > populate options in a dropdown > write the selection?

I'm a noob - any help is appreciated!

Hi @Andy_Johnston, welcome to the forum! :wave:

Sounds like we are trying to populate a "Select" component, within a form, with the Enum types we have on a table, and then use this form to create a new row for that table.

Here is how we can do this:

I'm using this "moody_users" table for the example:

The "mood" column is type Enum with the following values:

First, create a query to get the Enum types from the table:

Note: we need to transform the results to an array to easily populate our "Select" component.

Then, add the query as a "Data source" to the "Select" component:

Note: Select the "Mapped Mode" to easily connect the query to the component.

Finally, create a "Resource query" to "Insert a record" to the table, using GUI mode is the easiest way:

Here is the newly added row to the table:

Let us know if you have any questions! :slightly_smiling_face: