Unable to see the connection string in Retool Database

The dcoumentation says that if you click settings on top of the database you should be able to see a connection string. I don't see it. I another thread i found that someone from Retool had upgraded a Retool instance of a user to sort this out - what does a man have to do around here to earn an upgrade :slight_smile: ?

It could be a roles/permissions issue? I as the admin could see the string, but my regular user could not.

Thanks for the reply. I am the admin - so i should be able to see it :frowning: Is this a tier thing ? Maybe its only enabled for certain pricing tiers ?

According to their pricing, it is available on all tiers...

You looked here?

Hey folks - Not a pricing thing! There are still some edge cases we haven't had the chance to fully address yet migrating existing organizations to the new platform where connection strings are opened up. But we can prioritize one-off as needed for those looking to use the feature, just let us know your subdomain (looks like the one I see linked to your community email is already on it)!

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