Unable to connect to my API, connect ECONNREFUSED


I need to have a key for having my authorization right. There's is somewhere i can create a key for retool being authorized to access my API.

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The key should be generated on the API side.. and then you paste that key in the resource you have configured in Retool.
Also, if you could paste some screenshots that will help you get to a faster solution.

Thanks for your response.

I have to check it in my auth middleware.
Here is the error i get when i try to do it directly in my query

Your API is locally hosted? This may be something for support to look at as I am not familiar with your type of set up

Yes she is locally hosted. Do i have to report this with an other marks ?

I would ping support using the lower right hand corner support icon...

Thanks for your help !! :smiley:

Hey @Jenna!

Unfortunately, we don't support directly connecting to locally hosted APIs at the moment. Instead, we recommend exposing your API through a third-party service like one of the following:

Do you think that could work for you?

Yes it will be ok, i use ngrok. Sorry i'm a apprentice :slight_smile:

So i will use my ngrok where ? With my base URL ?

Thanks by advance !

@Jenna no worries, glad you're asking :slightly_smiling_face:

There are some docs here on how you can get it set up. You'll need to install the ngrok agent on your local machine and have an account with them as well, this can be totally free! Once you have it installed you just need to pass the local port you're running your API at in a terminal command and you're good to go!

(The docs I linked explain it much better than I just did :sweat_smile: )

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