Unable to connect. Error: Request to Snowflake failed

I'm trying to integrate with Snowflake and I don't understand what's going wrong. I've had a full-time data engineer check my setup, and he confirmed that I have the Retool IP addresses whitelisted properly. And my credentials checked out. But every time I try to test the connection, I get an unhelpful error message:

Unable to connect. Error: Request to Snowflake failed.

When I try to use the oauth option, I get a 403 forbidden error.

What can I be missing?

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Hi @jbcunningham! Thanks for reaching out. Can you double check that your account name matches the full string of text to the left of snowflakecomputing.com? Per the snowflake docs, the full account name may include additional segments that identify the region and cloud platform where your account is hosted, and not including those can cause connection errors.

If your account name looks good, let us know and we'll keep looking into this

Ahhhhh thank you! Problem solved, and now look forward to actually getting to try Retool!