Unable to cache new queries - UI bug

I am trying to add caching to a new query but when I click on the Cache checkbox the snippet that loads is not the textbox to add the seconds, it shows an error message.

This was not broken last night, was this an update that had a regression? I've tried logging out and back in. Other existing queries work fine but one query in my app and any new queries show this error.

Also just went in to an existing query and it looks like I can no longer set this value on that query as well. The error shows up when I toggle the Cache checkbox for any existing query, and it looks like it sets it back to the default 300s; I need to set this to 86400s.

Hi Brian -- Thanks for letting us know. The team is actively investigating this error and I'll let you know when it is fixed ASAP.


Hey Brian, our fix for query caching has been merged and deployed. Thanks for your patience and have a great weekend! Let me know if any other issues arise. :pray: