Two-Legged Authentication


I'm trying to interface with Netsuite in Retool. I've got things working in Postman using OAuth 1.0

I don't think the one-legged OAuth1 in Retool will work. Any ideas on how to make it work?



Hey there @smithandrewc, have you already looked at setting it up with custom auth? Did you run into any particular problems there?

Thank you for the response @Kabirdas, I looked at setting up a custom auth but it still didn't seem to fit.

It appears as though there have been some changes on the Retool Authentication area


I'm now able to set up all the parameters as they are in Postman. However, when I try the same GET command that is successful in Postman, Retool generates an InvalidSignature error in Netsuite. I'm guessing this is an issue with the Authorization field in the request header. I'd like to compare the Authorization field from the Retool call to the successful one from Postman. However, Retool blocks it out with "Authorization": "---sanitized---". Anyone know a way to look at this data?



Hey! :wave:

If you preview the query instead of running it you should be able to see the unsanitized values that are sent.

Otherwise, you can try making a request to an endpoint like or one set up on a service like pipedream that allows you to see the full value of the request.

Thanks @Kabirdas, those sound like great suggestions. I'll give them a shot and report back. Thanks.