Trying to get values from 2nd mysql table based on listview data

So im new to this whole thing but ill try to explain my problem

i have 2 tables that go like so




unit_Ingredients, values ['wood','coal']

i have a listview being filled with results from table 1
im trying to create a 2nd query to run and show the unit_Ingredients from table 1 based on the unit_name, but no matter what i try it does not seem to allow me to select from the database base on the title.value of each container in the listview

Hey Roger,

Do you mind sharing how the code within the app looks (and what resource you are using) so I can try to assist!

Of course once i get home ill take screenshots.
What would they need to be of?

Mysql tables
The place module im trying to show it in
And the queries im using?
Ive even tried a join qiery but that didnt work either also tried the transformers lol
Like i said im probably doing it wrong but ill post screenshots tonight

Would you hapoen to have any good resources for learning mysql a bit better?

this is the list view with the query at the bottom

This is the Units table in the database

This is the units_Ingredients table

The listView and the transformer for it

After playing with the trasnformers some more i finally got it

Now to conver that to tags instead of how the Recipie looks

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Glad to see you got it working!