Trouble constructing form in detail view

Hello all, my apologies for what is probably a very basic question. I'm attempting to put together a basic crm app with a retool db with a table showing all customers and a detailed view of a customer's data in a drawer.

To avoid querying all of the data for all of the customers to create the table of customers I created a second query that returns all of the data for the selected row in the initial table.

The second query is working fine when I display it within a text block but ideally I would like to use a form component to display this data. I am running into an error message when I try to insert it into a form "the value has to be of the type 'string | void' you provided an array"

I assume I need to use a trasformer on this query to get the data into the proper format but I'm struggling to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.

Solved my own issue moments after posting this. A simple .toString seems to do the trick...

Welcome to the community forum, @DavidNigel! Thanks so much for posting the question and sharing the answer back on this thread! I'm sure this will help someone else who's running into the same error and searching for the solution :slight_smile:

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