Trigger retool application query from externally

  • Goal: I have a Retool application with a chat interface using the Retool chat. When the user asks something, it triggers some backend python code I have running that does various things and eventually, a few minutes or a few hours later, comes up with an answer. I want this answer to be posted back to the retool chat.

  • Steps: I have tried to do this by trying to trigger Retool Workflows using a web hook. However, it seems like Workflows cannot interact with my application. So while I'm able to trigger workflows, the application remains untriggerable. Would love some help with this.

P.S. A second issue I potentially foresee happening is that even if I'm able to trigger a query in the application, I only want to do this for the user that initially triggered the chat (with a specific UUID). Other users shouldn't have their Retool chat update with this new message. Would love help thinking through this as well.