Trigger query or pass components from custom component with additional scope

Hello !

I think it is really mandatory to be able to trigger some queries from a custom component with the possibility to add an additional scope. This way, we can just write a generic query which we use from many places in our app. That's what I do with all my other queries but now I just needed to create a custom component to increase the speed of an input text when we use a barcode scanner in place of a keyboard.

Can you put this fix in your roadmap please ?

There is at the moment some solutions but they're not quite clean.
And also, in the model of a custom component, we can't pass a complete reference to a component or a variable. The value is reachable in a query but not the methods like setValue().
This would also help me like if I'm not able to trigger a query with additional scope, I can just use the model to pass a reference to the variable associated with the feature or component. But it's not possible to set the value then.

My is gonna be full of conditions and hard code :frowning:

Hi @sacha thanks for the feedback! Yes, I'll move this to feature requests :blush:

Any chance you could solve this for the time being by triggering a middle query that then triggers the actual query you want with additionalScope that references the custom component's model?

Hello Tess,

Yes, that's what I've done but it's not really clean :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I'm waiting for the feature to be released !

Have a good day :slight_smile: