Trigger Query in Main App from Sidebar Component

I am uncertain if there is an oversight on my part, but currently, triggering a query within the sidebar component does not also trigger the same query in the main application. Is there a method for me to listen for an output change within the component and subsequently trigger a query within the main application?

Specifically, upon submitting a form within the modal in the sidebar component, I wish for the results table located in the main application to refresh.

Many thanks in advance.

Seems to work fine for me. Test app:

sidebar-query.json (15.6 KB)

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The issue I am encountering is that the sidebar body is a module which I reuse across multiple applications. The query in question is a shared query which I run on a success trigger within the module's query to add data to the database. Despite being linked to the table in the main application, the table does not refresh. I am searching for a solution to potentially trigger a refresh of the table. I have added a notification within the same success trigger, which is functioning as expected.

Maybe post some screenshots or screencasts of your setup and explain what you'd like it to do. I've tested the setup as you describe and it seems to work fine for me.

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Awesome, thanks!

Option C is what I'm trying to achieve. Can you tell me how you managed to trigger the query from the output? That's the part I don't seem to figure out.

Many thanks for the extraordinary effort!

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Thank you very much for your time and effort; this did the trick!