Transferring values to and from php

Is it possible to transfer values from Retool to a PHP app and back again.

MySQL in Retool has serious problems with Stored Procedure whereas PHP is good at this.

If there was a way of transferring values to and from PHP, it would be a huge advantage processes needing if else endif logic.


I'm not sure I understand the scope of the question. You could write an API in php that could process specific use cases.

I am already using PHP to help me with report writing but I don't transfer values from Retool to PHP as part of the process. It works on a MySQL data file that I prepare for it.

For example:
Suppose I have a customer who is over 30 days on a payment. I have that value (say 35) in the invoice file. If I could send that value to my PHP app it could decide what kind of reminder to prepare for the email.

I have tried to write this sort of logic in MySQL stored procedures and I have given up on that.

Can you follow what I am saying?



I was thinking a http api

I have not had much experience with if, else, endif with HTML.

Is there a method for transferring a value from Retool to an HTML page?