Transfering Retool Storage Files ownership

Hey all, is there a way to "transfer" all Retool Storage files (witht heir IDs) to another account?

In my case I am developing an App with my Retool account, but eventually I will give this app and all resources to my client. I know I will have to export the app, queries, database, etc. and that's fine. My issue is that files are being stored on the Retool Storage Service, and that's the only thing I am not sure how to deal with.

So, the question is: Can I transfer ownership from a Retool Storage Folder to another user's account (and keep all their IDs the same so I don't have to change them on the database)?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Aaron96,

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Transferring Retool Storage files from one account to another is a bit tricky, but there is a way to do it. Unfortunately, Retool does not have a built-in feature to directly transfer ownership of Retool Storage folders and files. However, you can achieve this by following these steps:

  1. Export the Retool Storage folder containing your files as a zip archive. You can do this by navigating to the folder, clicking the three-dot menu, and selecting "Export Folder".

  2. Share the exported zip file with your client. You can do this by sending them the file directly or by uploading it to a file-sharing service.

  3. Have your client import the zip file into their Retool account. They can do this by navigating to the Retool Storage section, clicking the "Upload" button, and selecting the zip file you provided.

When your client imports the zip file, the folder and files will be transferred to their Retool account, and the file IDs will remain the same. This will ensure that any references to those files in your Retool app will continue to work without needing to update the file IDs.

Hope this helps!



Hey Patrick, thank you for replying, I was checking that "Export Folder" option, but I only see "Rename Folder" and "Delete" when I click on the three-dot menu

Maybe that function is for a specific Retool plan? :thinking:

Hi @Aaron96 :slight_smile:

Retool currently does not support direct file transfer (with IDs) between accounts. However, you can download files from your account and then manually upload them to your client's account. Unfortunately, this won't retain the file IDs, so you'd need to update these IDs in your app or database.

Be sure to backup your data before implementing these methods to avoid losing any data! Hope that helps. :crossed_fingers: