Transferfring Values to localStorage

I have already been educated on this but when I try this on my own it doesn't work.

The steps I am taking are shown in the screens below. Intelsense says my syntax is good but nothing gets saved in local Storage.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Screen 1
This shows where I set the value of the current date. This seems to work.

Screen 2

Screen 3
This is where I use the local Storage app, to transfer the variable to local Storage. This doesn't work.

Is this an accidental duplicate of this topic?


I hooked it on to the end of the thread that you and I had.

I got one example that I developed with you to work perfectly. I used that example to try a similar transfer to local Storage in a slightly different situation and it didn't work.

I am starting to accept that Retool is not completely stable.


Let me know if this one does the trick: Transferring Values to local Storage - #2 by Paulo