Transfer large data from one app to another

Hi Guys, I'm trying to send data from one App to another; I go through some methods, like passing a query string on that button with a key and value; my document contains almost 50 values each, its not possible for me to tackle all values and make their separate key and then set the corresponding value. So I try to send a whole document in a value and set its key to Data.

{{ }}

Now I won't be able to get value from this object like I have no idea where I should get that query parameter data

I tried to set it in js Query but it won't work


is there any way to get each value separately?
like name , pic ,date etc

cuz my aim is to display data in different components

Can you pass a unique identifier to the other app and have it do the query to get the data?

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This also might be a good use case for localStorage!

You can store {{ }} as an object in a single key within local storage and it will persist between apps.

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@Kabirdas is there any other way to pass the confidential value such as flag isAdmin from login screen to dashboard.

because my concern is, if user can change the query params, then he also can change the localStorage. So there should be something hidden so that user can not cheat !!!.

& second thing is, Is it possible if I can see the data or response of Rest API in login app, from dashboard app ?

thanx in advance, any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey @Bilal_Anjum! What exactly are you looking to do with the information? Retool permission groups are stored on the current_user global so you should be able to check for admin privileges with something like {{current_user.groups.some(group => === "admin")}}.

If you're using a secondary login app things can get a bit trickier though. Support for login and authentication is typically split between the built-in login methods that exist for the Retool instance itself, and the various auth methods for different resources. If you're trying to use your own login page with something like Retool embed you can set the metadata property on the current_user with the same POST request that logs the user in.

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