Transfer large data from one app to another

Hi Guys, I'm trying to send data from one App to another; I go through some methods, like passing a query string on that button with a key and value; my document contains almost 50 values each, its not possible for me to tackle all values and make their separate key and then set the corresponding value. So I try to send a whole document in a value and set its key to Data.

{{ }}

Now I won't be able to get value from this object like I have no idea where I should get that query parameter data

I tried to set it in js Query but it won't work


is there any way to get each value separately?
like name , pic ,date etc

cuz my aim is to display data in different components

Can you pass a unique identifier to the other app and have it do the query to get the data?

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This also might be a good use case for localStorage!

You can store {{ }} as an object in a single key within local storage and it will persist between apps.

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