Total count in table with GraphQL Relay pagination

Hello! I use tables with GraphQL query results as resource for them. And I have one problem. I need to use server-side pagination with GQL relay-based server-side pagination, but I can't because I need to show total count of rows and pages in the table, but it's possible only for limit offset pagination.

I need this:

I have with GQL relay:

For limit-offset pagination I have field "Total count" and using this I can make table comfortable

I need the same for GQL relay pagination, because I have totalCount in GQL response
pageInfo {

Thank you

@fantomart, hello!

Thank you for posting this as a feature request. It's been shipped :blush: You can now add a total row count to GraphQL Relay cursor based pagination. Let us know if you have any questions about it + thanks again for taking the time to post this!

Thank you very much, it works! :slight_smile:

But I have small bug, missing backspace between current page and "of"

Ah! Great catch, thank you for sharing that. I’ll let the engineers know :+1:

Exciting news! Typo has been fixed :blush: Should go live with our next deploy (generally every weekday around 1pm PT, but it might get pushed out until this coming Tuesday. Either way, soon :muscle: