TinyMCE requires standards mode


I've been trying to render TinyMCE inside a custom control just using HTML and JS but I keep getting the follow error:

Failed to initialize the editor as the document is not in standards mode. TinyMCE requires standards mode.

I've tried to add the <!doctype html> as the initial line in the iframe code but no luck.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hi @KBloom, welcome to the community :hugs:

I had the same problem and couldn't make it work :cry:

After some digging I found a pretty neat rich text editor implementation that extends easily, Quill.js.

Retool's rich text component uses quill under the hood. You can create custom component and fine-tune it as you like. I've documented a snippet here.

Hope that helps

Hi @minijohn,

Thanks for the response! This snippet helps for sure.

I was able to leverage - https://ckeditor.com to get through my POC... but might follow your suggestion and switch to the open source solution.