Timer add-on to seconds instead of ms

Hello community of Retool,

I am relatively new to this concept and I have built an app to track certain kinds of processes. It works through certain kinds of input fields and it has a timer that was built in.

My problem is , when I put the data in the table, the time is in milliseconds. How can I convert this to seconds? I tried several things with transformers, but no luck.( I am not good at coding JS : ( )

Can someone give me guidance of how to fix this?
Here is a screenshot of my app:

Screenshot 2

@tom_vos12 Welcome to the forum!
You can take the end result of the timer and format it using the Custom format (I used ss for seconds instead of milliseconds) field to be in seconds
Also, assuming your starting from the moment the event takes place.... you can add moment() as well....

Let me know if you need anything else. Good luck!

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Hello Scott,

Thanks for your answer, I used the Custom format, so now I got it in hh:mm:ss. But whenever I save it to the database, it converts to milliseconds instead of seconds.
That is my problem.

Prob because you are storing it in a column type timestamp? Does it matter how it is stored?