Time incorrect when displaying on Calendar component

I am using the calendar component under presentation. I am using a mapped data source where I pull in data from retool postgres database. however, the time being pulled into the calendar does not match the time saved to the DB. The dates are correct as the events get added to the correct calendar date. for example, I have a record for 11/6/23 @ 830am. on the calendar this shows as 230am. The rest of the mapped events have similarly incorrect times. I'm wondering if I stored the values wrong in the database from the date/time component? or some sort of weird time zone getting set somewhere?

Dates are stored like:

appearing in calendar event:

The calendar has a timezone modifier that might be causing your issue, sounds like it might be displaying in your local time not UTC time that they're being stored in

that's interesting. I thought it had to be something like that but the component documentation doesn't mention the advanced settings for it. I am just now learning about the advanced tab for components.

thank you @dcartlidge !

edit: Your solution worked forgot to explicitly mention that

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