Time columns getting changed to date/time by query

I have columns in my SQL Server database of type Time.

When I get back a query, they are all converted to date/time and Retool assumes these are GMT.

For instance my database has this value: 09:00:00.0000000. Retool converts this to "1970-01-01T09:00:00.000Z" then when I use moment().format("h:mm a") it becomes "3:00 am". The Table Component type of Time seems to get the right time, I assume because whenever it sees 1970-01-01 it assumes it is supposed to strip out the date.

Now I can come up with ways around this, but it all comes back to the query as the source of all sin :wink:. If it could be aware of the Time datatype that would be really nice.

Filed. Thank you as always for the thorough report, Brad!