The query avariables is disable when i use {{ }} in graphql query string

Hello, when I use {{ }} block in query string, the avariables input is disable, I can't write avairables in query. when I remove {{ }}, it work. but my case is need to use viariables.

Any help?

Hey @AnsonHwang :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! If you remove the {{ }} from the query and set the variables below like in this example, does that work on your end?

Linking our docs on this as well here.

Hello, thanks for your reply. Yes, remove {{}} will work fine. but I need to use {{}} in my query


Got it, thanks for confirming! It would be helpful for us to take a deeper look at this query in your app, would you be open to writing in to Support either through chat or email ( Thanks for your patience in the meantime!