The graphql request run out time in editor model

Hello, I build my project in retool's editor model. Sometime the grapql requests take more than 20s(I change the default timeout). Something run out of time.
My backend is deploy in heroku, I test it without any problem, the response is within 1 second in my testing.
Is any limit of request in editor model? I want to know if this will happen if I use paid plan.
Also the rendering performance of table with muti columns (more than 20) is very poor, It seem take very long time(more than 2seconds) if I change the data source of table.

hi @Ansonhwang
There is no request limiting imposed by Retool, solely limits of bandwidth on the wire, server load, and browser capacity etc. And, we have never nor ever will (that I can attest to) offer a skip-the-line, get-out-of-jail-free card to higher paying customers :grinning: :pray:

Can you send us the query that you are running? Additionally, can you share the timing of the query as demonstrated in this doc ?
What kind of performance difference do you notice between running the query with and without populating the table source e.g. render time?

Hi @Amanda
Thanks for the clarification. It make me more confident to use retool as our internal tool.
I self hosted retool to make it more close to my neo4j database and nodejs server. The result is very fast. The problem is cause by Heroku. I have change the advance levelof heroku dyno plan, and all thing go well, thanks. The request time is about 2-3 seconds.
Consider overhead of retool, it's reasonable.

@AnsonHwang really happy to hear about your speed gains from the hosting change! I'm glad things are looking better for you in the self-hosted world! Please, let us know if you run into any other questions and hAppy building! :wave: