The "date and time picker" component doesn't allow choosing time

According to the description, it should select time. But it doesn't:

EDIT: Okay, I see that what I really want is a text input component with a datetime-local type.

EDIT 2: Apparently, I have to explicitly enable picking the time. However, the time doesn't show up, and unlike Jason here, I don't have minimum or maximum dates defined.

Jun-16-2020 13-41-41

Hello @nacho! You are correct in that you need to enable the time value in the component’s settings: the reason that the time isn’t showing up in the component display is that it’s showing the .formattedString property, which shows just the date. If you reference the components .value property it should show the time and time zone as well.

Thanks, Justin. Good to know. But it might be a bit confusing for my users. :sweat_smile:

I just realized that I can change the format string directly. If I write this, it works:


Yep, this is definitely not our most intuitive component :slight_smile:

Also, even though it can be part of a form, it’s not possible to make it required, so it doesn’t show the red asterisk * and it can’t be validated before submission.

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Yep, we don’t support that toggle for this component yet.

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BTW @nacho just found this :slight_smile: Date and Time Picker required

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