The builder constantly stops auto completing things when doing {{ notation

Does anyone know why this happens as it drives me crazy.

I have a table called table21 with rows displayed from a SQL query. I can clearly view them all when viewing the state of the table.

However, it's 50/50 whether I can actually utilize this anywhere else, like a text field.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 175251

As you can see above, I type {{table21. but instead of getting the usual results, I only get these 6 options.

If I continue anyway and add .selectedRow I get this

Screenshot 2024-05-10 175306

And if I still continue and add .id I get the expected result:

Screenshot 2024-05-10 175312

Why does it do this? If I refresh about 20 times it will start working out of the blue, or I have to quit and come back later. It constantly makes me feel like I'm doing something invalid or not allowed, so I give up, only to have it be the builder messing up.

Right now, I can't work with any tables as all of them are doing this and refreshing is not fixing it. I'm having to keep viewing the state of the table, then screenshotting the actual values to then try and write it out myself since it's refusing to auto complete.

I just switched from Chrome to Edge, and surprise surprise:


Why does it do this?