TextArea component validation not working correctly with Regex

When using the TextArea component I setup the regex to only allow numbers but noticed it only evaluates characters in the first line. Here's an example I cerated to illustrate the issue:

  • In this example I add a letter to the first line and it is invalid (as expected).

  • In this example I add the letter to the second line and it is valid (unexpected).

  • The regex used in both examples is [0-9]+.

Thank you.

Actually The result makes sense because the text is read as "1\na," meeting the requirement of the [0-9]+ rule.


I thought about that, but if that's the case, shouldn't the first example with '1a' also have no errors, as the '1' registers as a match.

Regex field seems to be bug
since external RegExp pages matches "a1", "1a", etc

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My original issue was to have the field allow only whitespaces and numbers, I got it to work with this custom rule:
{{self.value?.match(/[^0-9\s]+/gm)?.length?? 0? 'Only numbers and whitespace is allowed': ''}}
Regex validation couldn't help with this one.

Could another option be to use a numberInput field to enter numbers instead of a textArea?