Text placeholders to fill with dynamic data?

I want to have text templated in my database which uses placeholders for dynamic data like:
"This is a text with {{input1.value}}."

Retool should replace this placeholder but it is noch as easy as I thought. Like above it just uses a string without replacement. Is there any syntax so that retool transforms the string into a statement like in other retool fields?

Hello, i think is way easier to store just the value in the database and set the placeholder in your components, i cant imagine a way to achieve what you said in a not very complex way

or you can store the template in the database
"this is a text with"
and in-app concatenate the text with the component value with a JS query or a transformer

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Agreed :blush:

Currently, we don't have a great way of getting the dynamic component values from a string. We are tracking requests for this internally. I'll let you know if we ship a feature to help with this use case!