Testing data in workflows

When I started using workflows and a few times since where I forget, I'll use some test data in the trigger block. However, sometimes I forget to remove that. It seems like then if the workflow runs, no matter what data I pass into the workflow, it only uses the test data in the trigger block.

Ideally, it wouldn't work this way. If data is in the testing part of the block, it should be ignored when the workflow is automatically triggered.

Spent too much frustrated time trying to figure out why a workflow was using "old" data until I realized this was happening.

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HI @jrich, the Workflow should only use the test data when we run it within the editor. Running it via a Webhook or on schedule should not be running your Workflow with the test data.

Is it being automatically triggered on a schedule o via Webhook?

I can tell you when this happens. If you trigger the webhook from an app and there is test data in the start trigger, then the workflow uses that test data and not the data that was passed into the workflow from your app.

Thank you for the details. I'll create a repro on my end!

Here is the Workflow I created, when I run it within the Editor, it gives me the test data as expected.

I created small App to test if it would respond with the test data:

It seems to be working fine. Could you share a screenshot of the issue you are running into?