Temporal use and helm chart

We are in the process of transitioning our Retool instance from a Retool-managed Cluster to a Self-managed Cluster within our Kubernetes infrastructure on AWS, utilizing helm charts.

As we proceed with this migration, we have a few questions that we would appreciate your guidance on. If you could provide answers or direct us to relevant documentation, it would be immensely helpful.

Here are our queries:

  1. Helm Chart Selection:
  • We intend to deploy Self-hosted Retool with workflows on a self-managed cluster. Is the helm chart available at GitHub - tryretool/retool-helm the official one to clone for this purpose?
  1. Temporal Cluster Usage:
  • Is it possible to carry out the migration without employing a temporal cluster? Additionally, could you clarify the implications of not using a temporal cluster? We are particularly interested in maintaining workflows during the transition.
  1. Database and Configuration:
  • Currently, we have already externalized the Database using RDS from AWS. Moreover, we do not utilize any source control for managing our Retool instance. Are there any specific considerations or steps we should be aware of to successfully migrate our current Retool setup to a self-hosted cluster?