Templated apps custom styling / Bulk style reset

Hi !

I love the templates that are suggested when creating a new app, and I hope there are more to come to reduce "boilerplate" drag and drop even further.

However, I could not find an easy way to get the styling back to my org's default theme other than resetting the styles on each component.

I think adding a way to either unstyle the templated apps, style the templated apps with one of the themes or offering the option to reset all styles on a selection of components would be a good idea.


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Hey @pjmv thanks for the feedback, glad you're loving the templates that are suggested when creating an app! Templates improvements have been a big focus lately.

I chatted with the Product Manager who owns this area of the product, who confirmed that bulk editing and styling have been on our list to make improvements to, and they'd probably tackle those pieces separately from the templates work. They really appreciated seeing your specific feedback here on how it's not super smooth to get styling back after using a template.

I've logged your feedback internally as a feature request for our product + eng teams to consider making these updates! With that internal ticket linked, we'll get notified and keep you updated on this thread with any movement on this :slightly_smiling_face:


Any update on this feature? Thanks.

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hey @BurkeWise thanks for asking! I resurfaced this internally with the product team, and they're scoping out what the lift would look like to implement this. They mentioned it's not currently on the roadmap, but we're tracking interest here which will help inform prioritizing this feature! I've attached a +1 tracking your interest for now :white_check_mark: and we will keep updating here if there's anything new in terms of the status, or if this gets implemented.

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Thank you.

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