Task delegation management

A feature that could really help bring Retool to another level, would be built-in task management.

Think in the lines of Twilio's TaskRouter, and their concepts of skills on a user level.

I'd love to see something similar on Retool, where you have one or more Task Queues, and a given task requires one or more skills set dynamically per-task or by configured settings, and then that given task can be delegated to someone asking for a task with that skill. Naturally with a "playlist mode" to automatically move on to the next task once one is completed (also across different task queues), maybe also with built-in priority management, and also tracking of time for resolution, task abandonment handling etc.
Maybe a task queue also can be set up to have a specific task schema, to ensure that task-solving-apps would behave in a certain way.

All of this built-in would be such a beast.


Hi @jonathanbredo Thanks for this feature request! Apologies, but would you mind sharing a bit more about what you'd like to see here? Is it more of a frontend component or view that could be used for task management?

Looking at the TaskRouter docs, I'm also wondering if Workflows could be a potential solution here.