Talk to Text Does not work in TextArea only Text Input

I have a text input at the top of the form and i can talk to text from my keyboard just fine.
But if i try to do it in the Text Areas either my description of work or Exclusion boxes.. once the voice input stops and you are done it just deletes.

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Does anyone else experience this??

Yes, I have the same problem. Initially, I thought I had the microphone component in the mobile phone, but to my great surprise, I found out it wasn't there. So, I found a solution with a textarea and the talk... but it doesn't work. The text disappears after the talk...

Thanks folks! Sounds like this is a bug with react-native unfortunately. Hopefully using Text Input is enough for most use cases. This isn't something that's likely to change in the near future. Know that's not the news you want to hear but thought it's still worth sharing the update.

I learned more since my last comment -- it sounds like a separately planned upgrade may actually fix this, based on testing. Stay tuned within the next month, it's possible this will actually be fixed soon!

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That would be amazing! Thanks for update!

Hello everyone! This issue has been fixed. :sunglasses:

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