Table text clipping issue

In the mobile view, a table containing horizontal content remains completely unrendered, even when scrolling horizontally. The data remains invisible, and even after horizontal scrolling, the table appears blank.

Hi Ajinkya_Pisal, could you share what version of Retool you're seeing this on? Thanks.

We are using self-hosted retool 3.22.1

This is really critical for us. Is there any fix for it?

Thanks for your patience. This should be fixed in version 3.22.17. Please let me know if you're still seeing the issue in this version.

Thanks. We have already updated our systems to latest available version of 3.24.1.

Should we revert back to 3.22.17 or this fix is coming to 3.24 series too?

This fix is also in version 3.24.11.