Table setFilters, run only once

Hi. I'm trying to have a set of default filters applied to a table, only on the first initiation. I've currently set it in the success event handler to control the filter component with this filter:

[{columnName: "stage", filterValue: "OPPORTUNITY", operator: "contains"},{columnName: "stage", filterValue: "RUNNING", operator: "contains"},{columnName: "stage", filterValue: "PLANNING", operator: "contains"}]

Is it possible to only run this on first load?

And for the bonus question. Does anyone know why operator "does not contain" doesn't work?

When you say on first load, do you mean only the first time that the query populating the table runs? If so a condition disabling the event handler like this might work:


So that if the query has already run in the past and it's data property is not null, the condition to disable would be true and it would not run again.

For the bonus question, it looks like the operator is "doesNotContain" (i checked this in the left hand panel under what is populated into the table's .filters property if you input it manually)