table.selectRow(null) not working on mobile

Try to unselect a selected row
how does this work for mobile?
table.selectRow(null) not working on mobile

Hi @Roderik_Peters! When you say mobile, do you mean our Retool Mobile product? Or the mobile view of our regular Retool desktop app?

Hi @victoria
yes, i mean retool mobile product

I don't believe we have a Table component in our Mobile product, but I may be missing something :sweat_smile: Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you're currently working on?

its a list

Got it, thank you! I'll add a request for this functionality. In the meantime, I wonder if there's a workaround for you. What's your use case here?

I select the image and then use it to store the url in the furniture object in the database.
I think i will send the selected image url to the form instead of getting the selected image to the form...
Something like that.. its not in line with the work system design retool has (I assume) but it should work too.

Ah okay :slight_smile: And once you select the image and store the url in the database, you'd like to return back to the main page?