Table selected row get indexof

all document show it should be
but system always report error, I added an [i] behind data, it shows green, but still, the index value is null, any thought on this problem?

Hello , did you find a solution , i have the same problem .

I don't think their document is correct, many other documents contain mistakes too.
I haven't touch it for a long time. don't have a solution. good luck on your job

Hi @Akechi and @Sylvain, Thank you for flagging this! This is obviously a bug on our end. We've let our engineering team know about the issue and we'll be sure to update this post when the bug is fixed.

For now you would need to use a Temporary State variable as a proxy to link the URL hash parameters to the selectedRow of the table. Here's what that workaround would look like. You could deep link the Temporary State variable to a URL parameter.

Then, link the table component's selected row to the Temporary State variable. So that the URL param will set the default row of the table on page load, set the Default row on the table to 'Index' and the Default index to {{parseInt(state1.value)}}.

And so that the table will update the URL param when the selectedRow is changed, set an event handler that sets the value of the Temporary State variable to the new selected row on Row select change.

Attached is an export of this example.