Table.recordUpdates no longer available?

I'm trying to follow this video on creating a simple CRUD application, and around 6:10, we enter {{tableName.recordUpdates[0]}} but it seems that's no longer an option? How do I go about however they changed this to?

Hi @stuiedaman!

You're correct that the new Table component no longer has a recordUpdates property. Instead, the changed cell values can be accessed via two properties:

  • changesetObject: an object where keys are identifiers for changed rows, and the values are row changesets. Row identifiers are either primary keys, or data indexes based on whether a primary key column is configured.
  • changesetArray: an array of row changesets. This property is most similar to recordUpdates, but is only available when Table has a primary key column configured. Each row's changeset includes its primary key.

If your Table has a primary key column you'll be able to reference the changesetArray property:


Hello @Alexi - are these objects editable ? That would be ideal to add "programmatic" changes i.e. a manual edit would trigger (through transformer or script) more changes to the same row
If not, something to consider or having a method for the same.

Hi @yiga2! I believe you'd need to write some Javascript (e.g. in a Javascript transformer) to transform your changesetArray. Does that sound like it would help? If so, let me know and I'd be happy to get you set up :slight_smile:

@victoria not sure JS helps without a proper function to extend the changes. AAMOF changeSetObject is read-only and there is no setter function. Table only supports/detects manual changes. If you know a way around it, I am all ears !

Btw, I can't use changeSetArray as New table does not support composite primary keys i.e. multi-columns - which is quite common though (separate feature request ?). So I have to use Object().entries to read what I need from the row.

Gotcha! Would something like this be helpful? :slight_smile: