Table Pagination display incomplete for GraphQL/Shopify api


Following the Shopify Integration Tutorial, and trying to implement pagination, but the pagination display seems incomplete:

  • The default pagination (not server-side) does not display the word "Page", as it does in the illustrations.
  • Then when I enable server-side pagination, it still does not display "Page" and further, does not display the total number of pages, " of 2", for example. Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 14.00.31

Is this a bug? Or am I missing customization options here?

Hi @apintegrity

Thanks for reaching out! It looks like our docs may need some new screenshots, but you're not missing any features 😊

We recently removed the "Page" label from the pagination UI, which is why the screenshots look a bit different. Additionally, the graphQL pagination type doesn't support a total count. Total page and total results counts would apply to non-paginated tables or limit-offset paginated tables.

Were you able to get your graphQL pagination implemented otherwise? If not, we're happy to help!