Table not updating chart components

I have been building a dashboard for our IT Help Desk for about a month with retool. We are currently hosting on prem. I had previously created several data charts that were being populated with the table that is found in the same app. I had originially had no issue with the data components updating automatically when a filter was applied to the table that the data is from. Now When I filter my data is does NOT update the components. This is a new issue for me, is there any insight you could offer about perhaps a specific setting I had enabled or other issue. I have explored the forum endlessly trying to pinpoint my issue and its resolution , but no luck. Thanks

Hi @EmmaLee! Can you share some screenshots of your configuration? How are you filtering?

What version of Retool are you using? The version info can be found by clicking on the ? icon in the lower right corner of your screen. A menu should pop up which will show your Retool version number:

We are using a self hosted version , 3.14.2. I am filtering with two date components . All my other components source from the table that I apply the filter to. I use an event handler in the date fields to specify the date is after or before the value in the field . Originally If I changed the table it would alter and refresh all the linked components such as charts and calculations.

If the date components are in your table query, this should be working:

But it sounds like you're referencing the date components in the filter UI (screenshot) or using the setFilter api. In that case, it's expected that your other components won't have any information about the filtered data and they'll only show the original data. The filter events only change the frontend values in the table, but they don't impact the .data property of the table:

We are shipping a feature to allow components to reference only the data that is displayed in the table (the filtered data). It should ship on v3.19.1 when that version is released.

In the meantime, you'd want to have query or transformer that references the date components and shows the filtered results

I am writing the transformer now to reference filtered data. Thanks