Table (new) bulk hide columns


I really wish there was a way to bulk select columns and hide those columns from the table component, instead of hiding columns one by one for every table or pulling the data from seperate queries in the same table.

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Same here. Thanks for the suggestion.




This would be super useful! I am dealing with 150+ columns and only want to show 3 of them.

Hello, welcome to the community. What is your use case? why not filter it in query? so much columns will lower the performance of new table.

Here is a tips you can quick hidden/show column

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Thanks for the tip @AnsonHwang

Often times I have tabbed containers with table(s). I do think that feature should be more intuitive and more apparent.

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Hi Anson. I am building a scholarship application management app where users (the admins of the scholarship platform) should be able to filter scholarships by the responses to the 150+ fields (columns) but should not be able to see those fields/columns because they only need to see the name and submitted datetime of each scholarship application.