Table mapper -> value of another table

Hi! Today i am stuck on the following task:

I want to display the value of a referenced table in the same field of the current table component! Instead of "1" i want to get the name (e.g. "Company 1"). As you can guess, "1" is the id of the companies-table.

How can one achieve that? I guess with the Mapper function?

Thanks for any hint!

Hi @SIMTEC-Software-Solutions! Thanks for reaching out! Rather than triggering this from the mapper in the column settings, it may be best to combine this data in a query or transformer before it goes into your table.

For example, if you referencing two different tables in the same resource, I'd recommend trying to do a JOIN query to combine all of the properties you need for your Retool table.

You could also use a JS transformer that maps through all of the data from and the companies table data. Then, instead of having as your table data, you'd reference the transformer.value in the table.

Let me know if you have questions about this or want to chat about either of these solutions in more detail


Brilliant! I was so fixed on the Mapper functionality, for that i totally forgot about MySQL functionality :see_no_evil:

This works totally fine and smooth:

Just giving it to the table component, it does all what i want. Here is a result of 3 tables:

Thanks again!!!

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