Table Loading With Overlap Across F

When I load a table the text in the rows overlap. Not sure what to do about this.


Hey, this is a known bug, but I just added your +1 to the report. I'll message here if there are any updates! :+1:

Great. Any ETA on the fix?

Update here, this should be fixed on cloud :tada:

Thank you!

Jay, it's back.

Hey @BurkeWise, I realize I attached your thread to a bug report for an incorrect table bug, which is why you're still seeing the issue. My apologies for that mix-up! :woman_facepalming::sweat_smile:

Just curious, do you have any custom CSS set in your app?

No. The original issue definitely was salesforce query only. This second tables has a salesforce SQL query then some javascript supporting a modal that opens a module.

It seems that this bug is happening on scrollable tables. I have flagged this issue as urgent to the eng team and will let you know when I have updates regarding this.

Thank you for your patience here as we get this solved!

Thank you. I am quite eager as yesterday we had a meeting designed around an app and this bug forced us to use a legacy report in Salesforce....exactly what we didn't want do...kinda made the retool champions look bad internally...

Hey there - it looks like this bug fix was deployed for cloud users about an hour ago. Can you check it out and see if the overlapping behavior has been fixed on your end?

Still there: image

If you want to see my app feel free. It's the project board.

I am still having this issue. Please reply.

Hey @Jay !

I seem to be having the same issue over here

I'm running Retool on premise with the version 2.83.26

Do you have any news on when this will be fixed ?

Thanks a lot


Thank you for adding you +1, Laurent! Our engineers are aware of this bug. I do not yet have news on when it will be fixed, but it is a high-priority bug and I will message back here with any updates.



Looks like eng has completed a fix for this. It should be shipped in our next release! I'll check in soon after it's shipped to see if you're still experiencing the issue.


Thanks for your answer @Jay !
Since I'm on premise, could you notify me when the release will be out ? I'll trigger a new deployment and check it out !

Sure thing! :+1:

Hey @Jay ,

I saw that there was a new version 2.85.25 out, saying "Improved List View rendering performance", so I deployed it and tested it.

Not sure, but it seems better when loading the page (although I don't have the previous version anymore so it's a bit hard to compare).

However, I'm using search bars over the table data here and when it's loading the new data, it seems to still be overlapping (screenshot below).

Was this the version you had in mind with the fix ? Did the product team already see that bug and are they fixing it ? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !


Hey Laurent,

Have things improved on your end? If not, please let me know your current running version and your table set up (where is the data coming from? an API? Postgres? etc.). A screenshot of the table inspector in the right panel would also be helpful.

If this issue is persistent, I also recommend you write in through chat so we could potentially hop into your app and check things out more in-depth.