Table is duplicating column to use for sorting

I am having trouble figuring out why my table (grouped by year) is adding another "year" column for sorting. There is only one "Year" column in my JSON data. When I turn off sorting, the second "Year" column remains, it just doesn't have the arrow or do any sorting. Thanks for any thoughts, I've been hunting through settins trying to figure out how to make this second "year" column go away.


Can you provide an example of the JSON data? Are you certain it isn't duplicated in some way? Try refreshing the columns in the table component as well.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 12.56.19 PM

Thanks for the reply. It seems the issue was I was grouping by column 'Year' and that column was also still marked as 'show' in the table inspector columns list. As soon as I hid it in the column list, the 'duplicate' column was gone. I just assumed when I setup the group by Year (I hadn't done much work with table features yet) that retool would 'solve' this by default.

At least, this is what appears to be happening to me. So I think I'm all set now.