Table - Group by Tags Column Type


I have a table with a column "Job Category", which is of type "Tags":

When I group the rows by this column, right now I can only group by all existing combinations of the Tags:

Is there a way to group by each unique tag? For example, a group header of "Doors" can group all combinations of tags that contain "Doors".


Hi @brianzjj Thanks for reaching out! From the above screenshot, do you mean that the Electrical & Electrical, Interior rows would be combined into one group?

This isn't currently doable :disappointed: unless you create a different column with the unique values you want to group by. In keeping with the example, you could have a separate column with the "Electrical" category to group "Electrical" & "Electrical", "Interior" together, but would wouldn't be able to also group the data for "Electrical", "Interior" under an "Interior" group (it can only show under one group).

Thanks Tess, that is what I meant and the workaround that I can think of. Do you think this will be worth a feature request?

Hi @brianzjj Apologies for the delay in circling back here! I don't believe this case is on our roadmap yet, but another idea for this use case is to use expandable rows where the parent table is a list of the unique job categories. Then, the rows expand to child tables with all of the matches: