Table filters do not match report columns

Hey Retool support - when using the client-side report filters, the column names in the filter do not match the column names on the report. They match what is returned by my API, however, I renamed these in the report column dialogue box, e.g. I renamed status_description to status for the report column, but the report filter still shows the original status_description. This is fine in most cases, except when you use some cryptic naming, like external_id, which the client only understand as User ID or something like that… Sorry, hope this makes sense…

Hey there @gilcrest. I’m not quite sure I understand - what do you mean by client-side report filters? In a table?

These guys in the screenshot, sorry not sure what to call these? You can see here in the screenshot that the column names don’t match.

Ah, table filters - gotcha. This is a really good callout! Right now these filters only support the original column names, not the updated ones that you created in the right sidebar. I’ll talk to our engineering team about potentially fixing this.

In the meanwhile: if this is a blocker for you, you can get around it by creating your own manual filters with dropdown components. Another option would be to rename your columns in your query instead of in the table component. Would that work?


Thanks @justin - this is actually from an API response with a very simple JS transformer. I’m ok for now, I think, I’ll just train users what to use so as not to complicate the transformer (my JS is pretty terrible).

Thanks for your help!


No problem @gilcrest. I can help you format your transformer here too if you want :slight_smile:

Thanks! I ended up changing my api response to make it easier for now…

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@justin +1 for requesting that filter names match any changes that you’ve made to the column names in the Retool GUI. I CAN use the workaround for naming the columns in my query, but at this point, that’s going to cause quite a bit of refractoring because of a complicated app with several other queries/transformers.

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This fix has been created and should go live later today!